There is Being a Success – and Then Staying a Success



Not long ago, a fairly new advertiser was talking with us about their new found success. He had been advertising with one of our radio stations and new customers were coming in every week. With his new found success, he wondered aloud whether he needed to keep advertising.


The answer from us might sound self serving, but we suggested he did. And here’s why.


1.  The first way to lose your success is to starting thinking you are a success. In other words, don’t stop doing the things that brought you success. When your restaurant (or any other business) is busy, does that mean it’s okay to stop giving great service? Of course not. Does it mean you can start buying cheaper ingredients? Of course not. And does it mean you can stop inviting people to come to your restaurant? Again, of course not.


2.  One of the nation’s best advertising executives is fond of saying “There is only one direction you can coast: Downhill.” The moment you relax your standards, is the moment you put customer relationships at risk. There is ALWAYS a competitor who would like to convert one of your customers to become one of their customers.


3.  What do the big boys do? As baseball great Yogi Berra used to say, “You can observe a lot just by watching.” Yogi was right. Just look at various business leaders. McDonald’s. Nike. Southwest Airlines. Toyota. Pick your favorite. Can you name a category leader that doesn’t continue to advertise? Probably not. Watch what winners do, and decide what parts of that you can replicate in your business.


So remember. Business goes where it’s invited. And even when a business is doing everything right, customers leave. They move. They have a change in their life that means they can’t do business with you. A competitor does lure them away. We are ALWAYS in the business of recruiting new customers.


So even when things are going well, keep providing great service. And keep inviting new customers. Because there is only one way to coast: Downhill.


Neal Gladner is the Director of Marketing for US Stations, and a 30 year veteran of customer acquisition.