Well Hello and Howdy my little Monkeys!

It has been a while since my last blog.  I had an unusual weekend and felt compelled to holler at ya and share my thoughts.  (Yes I actually had some)

So the time of year has come.  Where families everywhere are having reunions. 

Most will meet in some place for cookouts with picnic tables. 
Some go all out with matching Tshirts.
Some have "Faaaaammilyyy Olympicccsss"

And some...
Like my family...

Will hover around the FOOD!  What can I say?  We should all be professional eaters. 

We like to think of ourselves as "Big Boned".  But the truth of the matter is
WE LOVE FOOD!  We love to eat it.  Share it.  And delight in it.

Now our reunion is held (as it is every year) in the little town of Witcherville, AR.  Yep.  Same place for as long as I can remember.  This year was a special year.  I was taking daddy for the first time in a very long time.  He's had health issues and finally was at a place where he could make the trip.  (over 2 hours one way)  

So off we went.  Traveling at the speed of Jeepdome to the reunion.  As I pulled into the drive.  Memories came rushing back.  Wonderful memories.  Of dirty faced little kids.  (I was one of the dirtyest)  Running thru the tall grass.  Playing baseball in the field next to the church.  Running in and out and in and out and in and...well you get the picture. 

One of the first faces I saw was of my cousin Scotty.  Now Scotty...is one of our premier eaters.  That boy can eat.  Pulling up with daddy I expected him to jump up and come hug me.  Instead I got "I'm old and I'm tired.  I ain't gettin' up"  <(spoke in true Texan redneck) 

I thought to myself when did he get so OOOOLLLLDDDD?  Then I thought...he's only 2 years older than me.  LOL..."He is older, he is older"  (said in whiney little 6 year old girl voice)

Inside I saw faces that looked familiar.  Gray hair covered their heads.  Unless of course they visit Wally world once every 12 weeks like I do.  Smiles were faint.  Eyes were tired. 

They were screaming at their own kids.  (again in the Texas redneck speak)  "You kids best settle down now.  Don't make me come out there."  Bwwhahahaha The kids knew as well as they did...they were not getting up for anything except to get more food or to use the bathroom.  And if you got your depends on...maybe only the first one.

But as we sat and talked.  We told great stories.  Laughter filled the old church.  Burps and scuses were heard throughout.  Kids were running in and out and in and out and in and well you get the picture.  

My cousins had great stories about their mama.  (don't worry aunt Frances your dream is safe with me)  Well maybe.  

My cousin Sam and I were compared once again.  Everybody says we are like twins.  (hee hee two of us)  Now that's scary. 

Aunt Frances announced that Sam and I were alike in another way that we both apparently had an allergy to being married.  (Nice...thanks aunty)

Everyone laughed and giggled.  Except Sam and I who telepathically planned on switching up her medications.  (not really...well maybe)

Thru it all...we were kids if only for a minute.  Sun beating down on us.  Catching snakes, lizards and  balls.  Throwing them at each other.  Running on the stage and hitting the keys on the piano as hard as we could and singing in no tones ever known to man. 

For a moment we were kids.   And then we moved and we were old. 
But what I learned.  (yep those dang lessons keep happening) 

You may leave and go everywhere in the world.  But family is forever.  Sure they might wish you weren't a part of it.  But the lesson is...they can't do a blasted thing about it.  LOL

Love you family.  

Vicki Parker