It's time for more US 97 listeners to win cash--in the US 97 Birthday Bucks Contest! Here's how it works:
Each weekday (except Thanksgiving Day) through December 7th, we'll give you a chance to play in the 7:00 AM, Noon and 5:00 PM hours. We'll announce a month and day on the air. If you're the correct caller and your birth month and day are a match, you'll win twenty dollars.
If you match our pre-selected decade, we'll raise the prize money to $200.00. (But wait, there's more.) IF your birth month, day and year match up to our pre-selected year, you win Two Thousand Dollars! Could it get any easier?
Listen to US 97 for your chance to play for Birthday Bucks!
US 97 Morning Mastermind Craig Dale presents a $2,000 check to Michelle Daniels of Amity, who won Birthday Bucks on November 8th!

US 97 General Manager Gary Terrell presents a $2,000 check to Kim Leckner of Hot Springs, who won Birthday Bucks on October 30th!