Branding For Business Success

How important is branding your business? In a time when some business owners are infatuated with all things digital, other marketing officers are pointing out the importance of still using big reach media like radio.

The reason is simple. Big reach media is where you BRAND. And look at any category. The companies with the best branding are the companies who generally have a bigger market share.

In the March 20th edition of Advertising Age, Editor in Chief Rance Crain suggests in an article to the advertising community: “The point is marketers, to grow in a non-growth environment, we need to become more aggressive in building  brands by reaching out to once-in-a-while churchgoers rather than preaching to the choir over and over again.”

The thought process for many has come full circle to the importance of inviting more people, even those who will only be casual users, to do business with you. Media like local radio and TV are where you find the big audience numbers needed for branding.

In the same article, Crain reports that Procter and Gamble has scaled back targeting on Facebook because it wasn’t helping it reach enough new customers. Others point out the ability to target people on digital, while appealing, tends to reach those who are already familiar with or even use the product or service being advertised.

It’s the big reach of radio and TV that helps invite new customers. And someone can’t become loyal to your business if they don’t start shopping with you.

Advertising expert Bob McCurdy advises Companies if they want to grow, they need big reach. McCurdy wrote in “Radio Ink” that while “some targeting is necessary, over targeting (from digital) results in fewer sales”. He also reports a recent study demonstrates that top performing campaigns had one thing in common – “large reach”.

At the risk of sounding self-serving, radio offers the big reach in the Garland County area. The A.C. Nielsen Company, which compiles audience estimates, reports the five US Stations outlets reach 86,500 people every week. That is the biggest reach outlet in Hot Springs.

By: Neal Gladner – US Stations Director of Sales/Marketing