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  • Honest
    Lots of rappers talk about drugs but Future is one of the few whose music makes you feel like you're[...]
  • Quack
    Like the takeout goop they're named for turntablist-turned-label honcho A-Trak and filterhouse maste[...]
  • Enter the Slasher House
    Harmony-happy Panda Bear has always been Animal Collective's solo star but now it's yelpy co-founder[...]
  • The Future's Void
    Is EMA's "So Blonde" the most 1994 song of 2014? Erika M Anderson a punk-rock daughter of South Dako[...]
  • Out Among the Stars
    Johnny Cash often seemed like he was granite in human form so it's odd to think that such a giant on[...]
  • Education, Education, Education & War
    This record should come with a case of Harp Lager and a picture of David Cameron to throw your empty[...]
  • Shakira.
    If you're Shakira's ex-boyfriend – specifically the one who sued her for $100 million in 2012 [...]
  • Mess
    This globe-trotting trio have an uncommonly diverse dossier over seven albums Liars have ranged from[...]
  • Cope
    On 2011's Simple Math this Atlanta band played indie rock full of grand ambitions and experimental l[...]
  • Working Man's Poet: A Tribute to Merle Haggard
    Merle Haggard is still country music's standard-bearer of blue-collar authenticity and this collecti[...]
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