First, thank you for your interest in advertising here on, or on any of our radio stations.
Let us try to answer some commonly asked questions.

Q- How much does it cost?
A - The answer, as the old saying goes, is as tall is it is wide. We have advertisers who spend $400 a month, and we have advertisers who spend 10x that much each month. It really depends on what you want to accomplish, and how quickly you want results.

Q - How do I know how much is right for me?
A - A member of our marketing team will spend time with you to fully understand what you want your advertising to accomplish for you. Then, based on that, we will develop a plan customized for your business that respects the budget you have in mind.

Q - Who writes the commercial, and how much does that cost?
A - Concepting, copy-writing and production are all included for our direct clients at no additional charge.

Q - How do I know which station or stations to use?
A - Again, we'll work with you to understand your needs and then give you a suggestion. One of the things advertisers most appreciate about radio is the ability to target the right kind of potential customer. Different formats appeal to different people, and that works to your benefit.

Q - How long does it take to get an ad started?
A - Another thing people like about radio is the fast turn around time. While we do have to work through the process, we can get you started in a matter of days.

Q - What else should I know about advertising?
A - At US Stations, we’ll work to guide you through what we call the three R’s of marketing.


1 – The Right Message. We’ll work with you to craft a message that explains why our listeners should do business with your company. Our Account Executives and Creative Services Team work together to make sure your message is right.

2 – The Right Target. One of the things that advertisers love about radio is the ability to target the message to the right group of listeners. As you’ll see, our stations have a variety of target groups to carry your message.

3 – The Right Frequency. Our world today is full of marketing messages. We’ll work with you to create the campaign that has the right about of frequency, aimed at making sure your company “breaks through”, and get’s heard.

Below are a list of our stations. Please feel free to call us with any additional questions. We welcome the chance to meet you, and we'll work hard to meet your needs within your budget!


Our Stations:

KQUS - US97KQUS – US97 is the dominant radio station in the Hot Springs Area. With a weekly audience of over 30,000 listeners, our 100,000 watts reaches over a dozen counties. US97 is targeted at Adults, 25-54, and skews toward women.


KZNG Newstalk 1340KZNG Newstalk 1340 is the heritage News-Talk station for Hot Springs. KZNG is home to Rush Limbaugh, Paul Harvey, Glenn Beck, Dr. Laura, and local host Dick Antoine. KZNG is targeted to Adults 35-64.


KLXQ The RocketKLXQ “The Rocket” is Hot Springs' home for Classic Rock. Targeted adults 35-54 with a skew toward Men, we start the day each morning with John Boy and Billy, and play 30 minute “rock blocks” of the best in Classic Rock all day.

KHTO - Hot 96.7 is a great way to reach that young, active audience that is constantly on the move. Aimed at Adults 18-34, Hot 96.7 plays music from today’s biggest stars, including Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Katy Perry. Longtime Hot Springs personality Phil O’Brien and Bailey start the day, and it’s great music all day long.KLBL - The Bull 104.5

KLBL – “The BULL 104.5”
is our newest station, having hit the air in late 2008. The Bull features the finest in the legends of Country Music. This is your home for George Strait, Willie Nelson, Alabama and all the favorites of country music. The Bull target is Adults 35-64.

For rates and more information on any of our stations, advertising programs, remotes and special offers, contact Paul Swint, Director of Sales. You can click here to email Paul at

You can also contact Paul for more information on having a presence here on the My Hot Springs web site.

He can be reached by phone at (501) 525-9700.