Vicki is the one your mama warned you about! She anchors the US 97 morning show along with David B. Treadway. Well, David anchors and she runs amuck.She's always ready to cut loose on the cheaters and the liars, the cheap and the stupid. Vicki is the proud Mom of two girls, Chelsea and Calico--and she taught them the important things in life: like how to drive fast when needed, who to trust and not to trust and, most importantly, that revenge is an art.

Many have wondered where she came from, and the answer is: right around the bend. Just over West Mountain. A Razorback to the core, Vicki roots for the Hogs and says "who cares" to the rest of 'em. Call her up some morning and watch what happens! 

Vicki's Blog 

The "B" could well stand for "been there, done that." David has put in his time in markets as diverse as Little Rock and Phoenix, working every shift known to man--and a few that man has yet to think of.

Now, owing to the fact that there are no radio stations in his hometown of Friendship (population 206, not counting dogs), he's found a great gig co-anchoring the morning show on US 97 with She Who Must Be Obeyed, a.k.a. Vicki Parker.
The Wakeup Crew operates according to the Bonnie And Clyde Theory Of Morning Radio: David B. drives the car like he stole it and Vicki hangs out the window to see if anything needs a good shooting. (It's a very big car, so there's room for anyone who wants to ride along!) 

Tom Duke loves radio and he loves to fish. And not always in that order. Tom can be heard on US97 weekdays from 10a-2pm.

You won't find too many people with Tom's depth of knowledge about Country Music in general and Nashville in particular. That makes for an enhanced listening experience when Tom is on: you'll always hear something about your favorite artists that you didn't know before you turned on US 97.

Many most evenings and weekends, Tom can be found on area lakes in search of Trophy Bass. Generations of them have learned to fear him, but he has never been known to harm a listener!

Pat O. is proud to be the only person on the US 97 air staff who has worked more places than David B. Now, he's brought that wealth of experience home to Hot Springs to make your afternoon commute as pleasant and hassle-free as possible. The only way it could get any better would be if you had your own personal chauffeur.
Though he's had a few real jobs in the past, Pat's first love has always been radio. You'll be able to see it right through the speakers, so join Pat for the ride home, 2-6 PM weekdays on US 97!
(Technical Note: that's not Pat's actual broadcast microphone in the picture. It's a bug zapper, which he uses in one of his hobbies that we don't generally talk about.)